Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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Our co-supervisor is asking us the design of the project SEMF. So it is time to brief our design to a simple mail.

We select our project name as Sport Event Management Framework (SEMF). Our ultimate goal is to build a system that help an administrator to design a whole system in quick time.

Our framework consists of following features

1. Design environment to customize components and use them in a web page.

We present a development environment (SEMF Designer) that will give higher level GUI to design the database + the web interface with customizable components

These components mainly compose the final view of the web page
Example of some components
1. Grids
- Set the layout of a web page
2. Menu / Sidebar / Site Map
- Used to navigate the web site
3. Calender
- Show the current data. Can be used to synchronize the whole page.
4. Data grids/ Data tables/ Data sheets
- Present the data of the system
5. Forums

There are special components which are not directly connect to the view of the page
1. Printing Components
- Used to print reports
2. Web service components
- Expose data as web services

This is very similar to the approach of Portlet[]. But for efficiency and flexibility we are developing a separate 'Portlet Engine' with our project. Visit here for more details. []

2. Modularize Approach

Our framework allow to define modules related to the event. For an example Sport Event Management System can have following models
  • Accreditation
  • Playground
  • Schedule
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
3. Sample modules and Components

With components and modules SEMF is able to provide different levels of customizability. The Administrator of the system can use existing modules/components and customize as required or build its own components/modules according to the requirement.

Current Status of the project

We have started the development in two phases.

1. Developing the SEMF designer

2. Developing a final system manually (without using SEMF designer)

Technologies Used/Using

PHP, AJAX, Javascript, DHTML

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