Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The second blogging

I never thought i have a time to write something in blog. but wat else I can do. The code is compiling fine. but when i run it it generate errors. and Its happen due to linking . i waist half of this week to find the solution. but it is never close. So i decide have a rest. And this is a very nice blog. Hope I can have a one in my own page.
Hope i can recover somewhere before i go boarding.


Oshani said...

Hey pal, I just couldn't help laughing out loud when I first read this post! Well, I know that you are way past the linking stage now. And congrats on a job well done!!! Hope you'll get over that libxml issue and ship it nicely for us (admirer's of your work ;) ) to try out.
Hope you'll use this blog to write about your work in the future, and do keep this amusing sweet tone of yours :). It makes reading your blog an enjoyable experience if not enlightening!

Oshani said...
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Dimuthu said...

Thanx for the comment and wish. I decide to use this block to write technical thing than my private matters.