Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back Again

Wow, it is nice to be back again. It is better late than never;)
Well when I last blog it was only few weeks in the training place. Now I m back again at studying, most specifically i m on the exam season. So its wonder i still have some rest time enjoy blogging. So at the end of the year if i recall what i have done, and most importantly what i have achieved, it is huge. So at the end it is a wonderful year.

Starting form the work done on training place, I could at least release the firefox extension i created there, in a working condition both for windows and linux. And then I was able to do a project form GSOC, code generator for apache axis2/c and commit it to the project svn. For that work i was elected as a committer for ws projects in apache. Well they reported lot of bugs in my code:( Back in the university i struggled on finding a good project for the final year. Finally it was a php application which we named as Sport Event Management Framework. Still I am not feeling well with this project, but i may find some way to handle this.

It is a mix of all, But they will not going to waist. It is a good experience at the end.
So I am starting the new year which I m most probably graduated, with a cool mind. I hope I would be able to do some more works in the brand new year, well at least some more blogging.:)

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