Sunday, January 20, 2008

Resources for WSF/PHP developers

When you go to the Oxygen Tank you will find they have plenty of resources related to WSF/PHP project. But just to put references to all of them (including resources outside the Oxygen Tank) from one place, I thought to blog a list of resources, mentioning what, when and why you should pick them. Please add here, if I m missing anything.

1. WSF/PHP Manual
If you just now happened to heard about WSF/PHP, then this is the place you should go first. Even if you have some experience working with it, this is surely a place you will be regularly visiting. It will guide you from installing WSF/PHP to testing most of the features in very easy steps.
Some of the cool topics it covers are
  • Quick Start Guide for both providing and consuming web services
  • Using REST and SOAP
  • Attachment with MTOM/XOP
  • WS-Security with policies
2. WSF/PHP Documentation
Actually WSF/PHP Manual is a part of the WSF/PHP Documentation. In addition to the manual it contains Introduction which brief out the feature set and more importantly API Reference for WSF/PHP Classes. You will find this API reference is organized in a very structured manner with examples.

3. Articles, Tutorial & Demonstration
Oxygen Tanks provides many articles and tutorials for beginners of the PHP web Service development. And recently it is planned to add many demonstration that will guide users to do installation with slide shows. See the first one of it which present you how to install WSF/PHP with XAMPP on Windows.

4. User list mail archives
If you can't find the solution in any of above mentioned links, this is the most probable place you will find the answer. If you can not find that in there too, just don't hesitate to post it in the list. You will be able to subscribe for the list sending a mail to with the subject subscribe. And there is no prohibition to check the dev mail archives of the project too.

5. Forum
If you don't like to subscribe to mailing list (in a case where you are not a regular user), then you have this place. You can check through the old forum topic or start a new topic mentioning your problem.

6. Blogs
There are several blogs that would give you new news about the WSF/PHP project. Here is some list of blogs that you may find useful.

7. Search Oxygen Tank
Are you tired of finding what you want from dozens of places, go to and search for it. By the way you can reach to an advanced search page too.

8. Search Google
You trust Google more, then go there and search. Most probably you will be directed to the Oxygen Tank, but sometime with some more accuracy.

Ok, They are the places I know, that you can find lot of resources about WSF/PHP and mostly about web services in PHP in general. Hope this post will helpful to somebody to locate these resources.

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