Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Amazon Online Shopping with Web Service Framework for PHP

I finally managed to submit my first article for WSO2 Oxygen Tank. It is about how to do online shopping with Amazon Web Services using Web Service Framework for PHP.

There I'm demonstrating how to write a simple client library to access Amazon Web Services and how to use that library to write your own application to do online shopping with Amazon.com

There I attached the Client library code and two sample applications, one very simple php command line application and the other much improved web application. Hope this will be useful to people who are interested in working with WSF/PHP.


Oshani said...

Congratulations on your first article! I haven't read it, but I am sure it would be very useful to WSF/PHP user community.

(``-_-´´) -- BUGabundo said...

Hi there.
I was trying to implement your amazon client example, but seems that
const AMAZON_SOAP_ENDPOINT = "http://soap.amazon.com:80/onca/soap?Service=AWSECommerceService";
no longer works.

Can you guide me into making this works?

thanks in advance

Dimuthu said...

Well Yea, I too noticed that is no longer there. I will try to update the code with (hopefully updated service) ASAP.
Thanks for pointing this out.

(``-_-´´) -- BUGabundo said...

Thank you.
Please post back when done, so I can learn a bit more on this, and make a small gadget on our mathematical librarian site.