Saturday, March 22, 2008

Axis2/C Architecture

I found a discussion on Axis2/C user list about the references where you can find information on Axis2 Architecture and Damitha in the axis2/c list have posted list of great resources. Looks like the mail achieves think it is a junk message due to the bunch of links, So I thought it is better I can publish the list here, hopefully this will be useful for future users..

Flows, Phases, Handlers and modules <>
Introducing Apache Aixs2/C <>
Apache Axis2/C - Web services engine <>
Web Services Endpoints with Apache Axis2/C <>
WS-Addressing in Action <>
Sine Axis2/C and Axis2/java are based on same architecture these could
also be helpful to read
How Apache Axis2 Finds the Operation and Service a Message is Destined
To <>
Web services and Axis2 architecture

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