Sunday, February 03, 2008

Be aware of Terrorists

Yesterday (in Sri Lanka) there was a bomb blast in a bus, followed by two today one in Zoo, one in Colombo railway station targeting civilians. There are no any argument that only LTTE terrorists can do these kind of ruthless attacks.

No matter whoever do this, as responsible citizens we have to think what we can do to prevent or at least minimize this. Just ignore the country, at least to save our selves we should be able to do something.

From these and the past incidents it is obvious that terrorisst mostly target public places and public transport. Well I personally very rarely visit public place. But I always travels in public transport. I have to travel a long distance at weekends to visit my home and back, and short distance to go to my office and back to boarding place.

From these two kind, I mostly concern about my long distance travel since yesterday and some reason attacks were done on long distance buses specially when traveling in early morning. I and my Friend Omega who also ride long distance at every weekend had a little discussion yesterday on this subject. According to him, ( I also agree with him) there is a high probability that somebody can put a bomb bag in an early morning bus, because

1. Almost all the ppl sleep in the buses traveling in the morning (the ones who not standing), so no one notices if anything strange happens..
2. There are a lot of ppl traveling in the morning so the buses get crowded.

What we can do is simply ask bus conductor to check the bags of whoever want to come in. But this is not happening, It will delay the ride, and course people angry (NOTE, There are percentage of people who are really angry showing their bags for no reason) . Anyway we can ask conductor to do that just for our safeness. So we can at least make sure that there will be no blasting inside the bus.

Not only Government, But also normal ppl like us should do our maximum to halt terrorists acts and bring the peace to our country.

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