Saturday, February 02, 2008

Shameless publications of a dying Terrorist Group

Sri Lanka is about to win the war against LTTE terrorists. Meanwhile these terrorists are trying to do all sort of things to show that they are still alive.
Hm. But the Internet seems a very difficult place to cheat.:)

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1. Here is a tiger terrorists publication last Wednesday, they claims it is a photo of Sri Lanka Government soldier. And they named that is the body of N.Kumara, a local name.
Funny thing is same photo have been published 18 months ago here. It is a body of a soldier in Iraq.

2. Here in tamilweek web site the image is named as it is an air crafts of LTTE. But here the same picture posted in the India Air Force web site.

They spend six years cheating World (But not Sri Lankan, I mean people who are living in Sri Lanka) with the Cease fire agreement. The cheat will not last long..


harisuthan said...

u asshole where are pictures...when even government agrees that they lost armies what the crap u are trying to say. let me ask u a simply question?? how long is it take for you all to take up the victory.. 25 years...mage are not trying to show off anything man...we prove it ..airport which is regarded as the high security zone of sri lanka has been busted...SL Govt firing all over the sky once the tigers aircraft has been flown away..are u all dumb modayake the..mama ithanne

Dimuthu said...

Hi harisuthan,
Nice try :D.

Breezy Bri said...

nice try?? nigger.. suck a dick... u think ur smart.... not even brah... LTTE IS OWNING UR ASSSS... GET IT INTO UR HEAD... ur shit evidence is nothing.... fuckin lifeless sinhalese bitches say u guys are doing an 'air raid' and fuckin kill the tamil blood... watch me bomb ur fucking house... next thing u know ur head is up in the air...

Dimuthu said...

These ppls comments explain my blog. "Shamelss screaming of dying terrorist group"